NYCouture Bridal Photography captures every detail to tell your Wedding Day Story in New York City and Long Island

NYCouture Bridal Photography is the highest rated wedding Photography Studio in New York City, Long Island, South Florida and the Caribbean. NYCouture Bridal Photography is the premiere bridal photography studio in the Northeast and Southeast United States based in Forest Hills Queens, NY.

     Alfredo Valentine, a lifelong student and photography aficionado launched NYCouture Bridal Photography to provide brides and grooms throughout New York City’s five boroughs and Long Island with the most distinct award winning art documentary wedding photography at much more affordable rates. Wedding Photography for couples planning weddings throughout New York City and Long Island typically costs an average of $6000.00 to $12,000.00 for the best known wedding photographers in New York City and Long Island. These rates typically don’t include prints, Wedding albums or additional hour of photography or services. NYCouture Bridal Photography offers more services at better rates.


The details that take place during a wedding day are typically overlooked by even the most seasoned professional wedding photographers. Of course, the ring shots, dress and shoes along with accessories are hard to forget for any wedding photographer, but other subtle details go over looked. Many wedding photographers forget there’s a human side. Capturing the detailed interactions between loved ones, friends and most importantly the love between the bride and groom.

NYCouture Bridal Photography is known around the world for a very dynamic and distinct Wedding Photography style that has made the mother brand Couture Bridal Photography the most sought after Wedding photographer in the United States and Puerto Rico. Couture Bridal Photography is the mother brand and was founded in 2008 in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Alfredo Valentine, who was born and raised in Forest Hills Queens frequently visits and occasional photographs weddings in New York City and Long Island decided to refocus and bring the best wedding photography to his hometown of New York City. New York City is the most exciting city of weddings with a diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities, who value hard work and artistry, especially when it comes to their Wedding Photography.

What sets NYCouture Bridal Photography apart from the rest?

NYCouture Bridal Photography is the place for couples to get the most spectacular Wedding Photography in NYC and Long Island, at the best value to any other high-end award winning Wedding Photographers in the Northeast. Brides and grooms will receive pre-wedding photography, full day wedding story telling wedding photography with day after bridal portrait photography sessions to maximize and get the most out of each dollar. Couples will also receive all their images hand edited to our distinct wedding photography style and delivered in a personalized secure online gallery and flash drive.

In a town that associates high prices with high quality NYCouture Bridal Photography will stand out with high-end wedding photography, high quality wedding images and pricing custom tailored to each couples particular needs and budget. Along with great Wedding Photography prices NYCouture Bridal Photography offers interest free and convenient Wedding Photography payment plans.

What sets NYCouture Bridal Photography apart from all the rest is our clear focus on capturing and creating the most amazing Wedding Photography images using the very best camera systems, lenses and lighting while making the Wedding Photography the priority over profits!

A major attribute to the success of NYCouture Bridal Photography is a personalized concierge Wedding Photographer approach. By keeping NYCouture Bridal Photography and Couture Bridal Photography small with a maximum of 5 dedicated lead Wedding Photographers who are passionate about Bridal Photography maintains a very personalized Wedding Photography experience for brides and grooms. Additionally, we aren’t a wedding photography factory and only accept a limited amount of weddings each year.

This approach to personalizing a brides wedding photography around her rather than having to choose the services and products makes NYCouture Bridal Photography more affordable, even with travel from and to Florida. We’re focused on artistic bride-centric wedding photography centers around pictures before profit and products.

How much is NYCouture Bridal Photography?

Brides and grooms throughout Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, The Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk County can expect to invest around $3500.00 for full wedding day photography coverage. This coverage includes pre-wedding photography, day after bridal portrait session, all images edited and delivered via personalized and secure online gallery with a custom wedding photography flash drive. Additionally, coupon codes for professional print and canvas purchases and special discounts on GraphiStudio photo books. Travel costs may range in price due to seasonal fluctuations, but staying under $4000.00 is our goal!

When should you book NYCouture Bridal Photography for your Wedding Photography?

NYCouture Bridal Photography is a not only the most sought after wedding photography studio in New York City and Long Island, We provide our distinct wedding photography throughout the United States and the Caribbean. We occasionally are asked to photograph weddings as far as New Zealand, but avoid photographing more than 35 weddings a year between the five of us. We are about quality, not quantity so 175 weddings between five talented, passionate and dedicated Wedding Photographers is our max. Keep in mind, we hand edit each and every image and work hard to provide a short turn around time, so you can have your Wedding day photos within 30-45 days.

We also proudly photograph weddings for the LGBTQ community and love ethnic and religious weddings. We are all about love and capturing it with elegant, romantic and timeless photography to provide our couples with authentic heirloom photographs that tell your wedding day love story!


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