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This is the most basic wedding tip most people forget when it comes to the tiny details of a Wedding. Shame on Wedding Photographers that forget this one!


Wedding Photography Color:

One of the biggest challenges for any professional wedding photographer is making an image as authentic to the moment it was captured. Of course we tend to add our own little bit style to the photos we take, but the one thing we always try to make perfect is color. Making sure blacks are black and more importantly for bridal photography making sure white is white. We may tend to make white a little warmer in out images since white and blue are very close on the color spectrum, which isn’t pretty.

Making sure our black point and white point is accurate allows a photographers to have precise control over brightness, color, and accurate colors across a given image.

The Wedding Dress:

Brides spend a lot of time searching for the perfect bridal gown for their weddings. They also spend a lot of time considering what her groom will wear. A usually overlooked is the color of the grooms shirt and bridal gown. Most couples planning a wedding won’t ever consider the shade of white and the impact of the grooms white shirt and brides dress can have on an image. If the shades aren’t close or if the groom or bride have an off-white shirt or dress and the other has white dress or shirt the off-white will look dingy in photos when next to each other.

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You can see in the image above the grooms shirt is stark white and the brides dress is a slightly off-white shade. The differences in the shades of white make the brides dress look a little on the dingy side. If the photographer where to correct the white balance to make the bridal gown look stark white, the grooms shirt would show a slight blue ting. I color corrected a little color in this image and added a slight pink to it to take away the dinginess, but it is still noticeable.


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