"When it comes to wedding photography, money is not what motivates me. My passion for romance, raw emotion and delicate moments filled with joy and happiness are my sole motivation."

I'm Alfredo Valentine, Lead Photographer and owner of Couture Bridal Photography and NYCouture Bridal Photography. I was born and raised in Forest Hills, Queens. I lived full time in New York City most of my life until 2001 when I decided to relocated to sunny South Florida. My friends and my family still reside throughout New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Connecticut and New Jersey. I visit New York often and it is still familiar to me as the day I packed my bags and moved south. There's a charm, a personality and an indescribable special something about New York City, that never goes away, no matter how long your gone. New York City will always be where my heart is. 

So the decision to offer my wedding photography in New York City is a result of my love to travel and visiting my hometown. My friends and family also suggested I tackle the ultimate Wedding Industry market with my distinct style of wedding photography that has me traveling throughout the United States, Caribbean and South America on wedding photography assignments to couples with a special appreciation for the art of wedding photography and story telling. I decided I would make New York City my top priority and provide the ultimate wedding photography experience for couples throughout New York City and Long Island at pricing that would appeal to a wider range of budgets. So here I am in New York City with my team of Wedding Photography assistants capturing weddings at some of the most exclusive Hotels, Mansions and Venues throughout New York City and Long Island. Who else in New York City or Long Island offers High-end Award winning Artistic Wedding Photography with 2 photographers and up to 8 hours of coverage with all your images edited and delivered to you starting at $3,500.00? This is unheard of in New York City or Long Island

My Wedding Photography Story!

I got my start in Wedding Photography accidentally in 2008, I invited a friend over to my home and on my computer he saw some images I had been working on. He was getting married and asked me to photograph his wedding. I had already been a very advanced photography enthusiast, but I had never photographed a wedding before. I refused, stating it wasn't something I had ever done. I wasn't really even interested in wedding photography to be quite honest. My friend insisted day after day, week after week, every time I saw him at work. I finally relented and told my friend I would do some research into wedding photography and agreed to be the wedding photographer at his wedding. I told him I still wasn't confident in doing it, but since he wouldn't stop harassing me, I reluctantly agreed to provide him with his Wedding Photography on his big day. I went online and began to research wedding photography and I discovered this amazing world of wedding photography.

I discovered a fashion oriented, story telling style of wedding photography I had never seen before. The idea of being a wedding photojournalist, fashion photographer, and product photographer all in the same day appealed to me. I discovered amazing wedding photography images that told a story, but were high fashion and glamourous. This was the type of wedding photography I could get into and I continued my research into european styled wedding photography.


The Beginning of Couture Bridal Photography as a wedding Photography

A few weeks after my first adventure as a Wedding Photographer, I decided I wanted to do this as a part time/side venture. I simply came up with Valentine Photography. I started work on my first website and I was now advertising using my first wedding photography assignment as my portfolio. It was slow at first, but I started getting contacted by people from my friends wedding that I photographed. Word of mouth was on my side, and for a few months and a few years afterwards, I was the wedding photographer of choice for the people and family that attended my friends weddings. I kept getting hired by people from each wedding I did for someone else. My Wedding Photography was like a snow ball rolling down the side of a mountain. It became bigger and bigger as time went on.


My Wedding Photography training, influence and style

My wedding photography style is heavily influenced by Jerry Ghionis, Roberto Valenzuela, Yervant, Joe Buissink, David Beckstead and Cliff Moutner. I have attended their various seminars on wedding photography lighting, posing, and composition. I continually follow their work, and have had the fortune on becoming personally acquainted with them through attendance at WPPI, and assisting them on Wedding Photography assignments throughout the US. My style of Wedding Photography is influenced by the elegant fashion/glamour Wedding Photography of Jerry Ghionis, Roberto Valenzuela, and Yervant combined with he Wedding Photography photojournalism of Joe Buissink and Cliff Moutner, with some of my compositional wedding photography style of David Beckstead. Combining these styles has created a very unique, exciting and artistic wedding photography for my brides and grooms.


My Wedding Photography editing style

My wedding photography editing style is straight forward with very little touchup other than cleaning up color, removing blemishes and cropping. I like to capture the essence and beauty of a couples wedding day, and edit so that the eye is drawn directly to the special moments captured in an image. I like my images sharp, crisp and naturally colorful, yet not unnaturally overly saturated or softened. My black and white editing has a slight warmth and is very pleasing with the various tones visible in the image. I do all my own wedding photography editing from beginning to end, as well as my Wedding Photo art book designs. I am personally involved in my couples Engagement and Wedding  day Photography planning from beginning to end.


My wedding photography is a reflection of who I am, and what I feel, and very much a part of me.


So why do couples choose NYCouture Bridal Photography for their Wedding Photography in New York City, Long Island, Florida and Destinations Worldwide?

Couples choose NYCouture Bridal Photography for their wedding photography, because they know they are getting a wedding photographer that's passionate about capturing their wedding day story in a series of elegant, romantic and timeless images. They realize that I am not motivated by money and focused not the love of creating art with them as the subject. Brides and Grooms realize I am not a wedding photography studio that employs multiple photographers photographing multiple weddings on any given day. I work with a very small group of highly talented and passionate wedding photographers, who put their souls into each couples wedding story.

They choose my wedding photography, because I offer an experience that makes them a part of the creative process. I make couples wedding photography experience fun, exciting, and that leads to some of the most creative images I've captured in my years as a wedding photographer. Couples couples throughout New York City and Long Island know from the start that I will provide them with a very best personalized Wedding Photography experience from the first phone call to the delivery of their beautiful Wedding Photographs, graphic art albums that I custom design and are manufactured by hand in Arba, Italy by GraphiStudio. The worlds leader in photo book production and exclusively used by NYCouture Bridal Photography.

I hope my personality and Wedding Photography resonates with you, and I get to capture your magical wedding day!